Cultivation of Banana da TerraIn the Presentation, we find: “In Brazil, there is no manual or book on Terra bananas, for fried or boiled consumption

which has some peculiarities in its cultivation, such as high susceptibility to pests, slow production of offspring, the elevation of the rhizome and, consequently, low longevity, productivity

Cultivation of Banana :- The Terra banana is most grown in tropical areas of African, American, and Asian countries, as well as in the French Antilles and the Caribbean.

In African countries, it is the staple food in some producing regions, where consumption reaches 220 kg/inhabitant/year.

In the Caucasus Valley, in Colombia, it reaches 300 kg/inhabitant per year, that is, close to 822 g / day per person.

Water Needs (Rain, Irrigation) – Water consumption by the banana tree is high and constant since approximately 87.5% of its weight is made up of water. 

In deep soils with good water retention capacity, 1,200 mm/year, well distributed over the months of the year, can provide good yields and satisfactory fruit quality.

Solar Radiation (Light) – Under low light intensity, banana trees need a greater number of days to complete their vegetative cycle.